Outsourced Financial Reporting

Fewer accountants are entering the workforce and financial reporting specialists are in high demand. Absent experienced resources already on staff, companies shouldn’t struggle to identify and retain specialized resources for tasks that can be outsourced at a fraction of a Full-Time Equivalent’s cost. Opportune’s deep Complex Financial Reporting team can fully outsource or streamline the financial reporting needs of our private and public clients.

SEC / Financial Reporting 

This Financial reporting may only occur periodically, yet this function can be easily streamlined with processes that tie disclosures directly to the general ledger and supporting information. Opportune uses ActiveDisclosure as an integral partner to facilitate the collaboration and outsourcing of the financial reporting process for both private and public clients.

  • Preparation of private / public company footnotes

  • Drafting of Management Discussion & Analysis

  • Registration Statement and Proxy disclosures

  • 10-Ks 10-Q and 8-K disclosures

  • Standardized Measure of Oil & Gas (SMOG)

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Though timing and size are unpredictable, and the related disclosures are often very technical in nature. Opportune has transaction reporting experience across almost every transaction structure and industry.

  • SEC significance testing

  • Stand-alone reporting of significant acquisitions and carve-outs

  • Purchase Price Allocations

  • Discontinued Operations

  • Development of new reporting processes

Carve-out Financial Statements 

Carve-out Financial Statements require both accounting and technology expertise to develop the proper carve-out methodologies and access the necessary financial and operations information. Leverage Opportune’s experience working with management teams and external auditors to manage the carve-out process.

  • Financial statement and footnote preparation

  • Allocation of debt and related interest expense

  • Allocation of G&A and corporate overhead

  • Working capital calculations

  • Stand-alone impairment testing

Pro Forma Financial Statements

Pro Forma Financial Statements are typically the last step in completing a registration statement or 8-K due to its dependence on the completion of all other financial reporting and valuation tasks first. Get ahead of last-minute deadlines by engaging Opportune to start this process early.

  • Drafting of the Pro Forma introduction and footnotes

  • Incorporate purchase price allocations and carve-outs

  • Depletion Depreciation, impairment and interest expense calculations

  • G&A expenses and management estimates

  • Earnings per Share

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