Technical Accounting Advisory

Our technical accounting and complex transaction specialists supplement your in-house expertise so you can address evolving accounting standards and stand up to investor, auditor and SEC analysis.

Opportune has significant experience with current best practices to assist clients with the most complex technical issues including, but not limited to, the following:

Revenue Recognition

In a post-ASC 606 environment, Opportune partners with its clients to implement efficient and practical accounting solutions for complex, structured revenue contracts and new or evolving revenue streams. We leverage our depth of experience from the public and private company ASC 606 implementation processes across industries to support companies with the following workstreams:

  • Facilitate cross-functional discussions to understand the economics of a new revenue contract or revenue stream

  • Perform technical accounting analysis and documentation pursuant to ASC 606

  • Advise on ASC 606 disclosure requirements

  • Develop accounting policies and related procedures

Lease Accounting

ASC 842 requires the recognition of long-term operating and finance leases on a company’s balance sheet, which has resulted in an estimated $1.5 to $2 trillion of leased assets and liabilities being recorded on public company balance sheets. The impact of adoption is often broad-reaching within an organization and requires a cross-functional approach to ensure a successful implementation and facilitate ongoing compliance with ASC 842. Leverage Opportune’s scalable, solutions-oriented lease accounting process and breadth of experience from public and private company ASC 842 implementations for support with the following workstreams:

  • Perform lease discovery procedures on client data to identify new lease contracts on a quarterly or annual basis

  • Analyze and document newly executed lease contracts, service contracts with potential embedded leases, and new at-risk asset classes pursuant to ASC 842

  • Perform Incremental Borrowing Rate (IBR) assessments

  • Advise on ASC 842 disclosure requirements

  • Develop accounting policies and related procedures

  • Assent Leases software solution

Business Combinations & Contingent Consideration

  • Business combination or asset acquisition evaluation

  • Pro forma and 3-05 financial statement requirements

  • Push-down accounting election and presentation

  • Determination of the accounting acquirer

  • Accounting for contractual assets and liabilities, including off-market agreements

  • Evaluation of contractual agreements to determine classification as consideration, asset acquired, or liabilities assumed or separate accounting

  • Accounting and valuation of contingent consideration

Consolidation & Variable Interest Entities (VIE)

  • Review of proposed business structures

  • Identification of VIEs and determination of primary beneficiary

  • Consolidations

  • Identification and analysis of segments

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