Litigation Support & Investigations

Opportune professionals have served their clients in a financial advisory role in litigation in various disputes arising from valuation, post reorganization, royalty, business transaction and insurance claim events. We bring our deep understanding of various industries to serve as an informed and honest advisor in all matters related to complex litigation.


Our team of valuation experts is well positioned to assess any disputes in complex securities claims, enterprise value, damages, impairments, merger and acquisition valuation as well as many other complex financial valuation matters. Opportune’s professionals are well suited to serve in the capacity of expert witness with respect to valuation disputes for in-court matters with a strong support staff preforming in-depth diligence and analysis.

Business Insurance Claims

Our professionals have industry leading expertise in analyzing the financial implications of damages and adverse economic impacts disputed in a litigation process arising from a business insurance claim. These may include lost profits, impaired valuation, legal fees, royalty adjustments, and other impacts that affect a client’s interests. Opportune is well equipped to oversee forensic accounting and the quantification of damages as they relate to the entitlement of business insurance claims for corporations, royalty owners, financial institutions, insurance firms, government agencies and other related parties.

Royalty Disputes

Opportune has a seasoned understanding navigating oil and gas royalties and has proven well qualified to support in litigation efforts that involve royalty owners, royalty payers and royalty transactions involved in a dispute. Our professionals hold a deep understanding of the complexities and intricacies of royalty ownership, revenue contracts and royalty valuation.

Bankruptcy & Related Litigations

Following a bankruptcy or corporate reorganization, the possibility of litigation remains an active concern for management, shareholders and new investors. Opportune’s vast experience in both creditors and debtors side reorganizations enables them to provide targeted support in any situation arising from a post- organizational dispute.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Opportune has provided financial analysis support in various causes of action litigation, from breaches of contract to fraud to tortious interference. Our professional utilize their industry knowledge to understand and quantify the economic impact that can occur between two business parties in a dispute related to any causes of action litigation.As complex litigation can involve numerous parties working to protect their interests in various jurisdictions, Opportune is well-positioned to isolate client positions, clearly identify the impact involved with the various case scenarios, and guide clients to a successful outcome.

Transaction Settlement Statements & Service Agreements

Our firm has a strong track record of in-depth professional analysis and facilitation regarding transaction settlement statements and service agreements for our clients. After a transaction, settlement statements and service agreements often create situations that result in disputes over transaction details and thus may require litigation. In these cases, Opportune has strong experience with in-depth statement review.

JV, Shared Services, & Cost-Allocation Issues

A dispute arising when multiple entities have ownership rights in a transaction, business or operation, can prove to be increasingly complex when considering the nature of litigation with respect to shared revenues and cost-allocation. Opportune is well suited to advise and coordinate efforts that relate to joint and shared ownership ventures in the event of litigation or court proceedings