Sustainable Business Operations

Back-Office Outsourcing

When funding seed capital to a new management team, you are investing in their knowledge and experience in identifying and operating quality assets. From the beginning, Opportune’s outsourcing services offer clients improved efficiency and profitability; a skilled, right-sized staff; reduced headcount and benefits obligations; predictable budgeting costs; lower costs for information technology; and the freedom to focus on strategic activities.

  • Currently serving more than 150 privately owned and publicly traded companies
  • SSAE 16 compliant
  • Clients have access to their data 24/7 through secured and dedicated connectivity

Land Administration

By maintaining property information reports and preparing related lease operating statements by both production month and accounting month, we increase the ways in which clients can access and interpret data. We also calculate and maintain book depreciation, depletion and amortization, and asset retirement obligation schedules based on proved reserve data. Opportune not only sets up and maintains lease and well masters based on each client’s data files, but we also:

  • Maintain contract information
  • Setup and maintain property master and well master based on information provided by the client
  • Generate and mail division orders
  • Maintain acreage inventory and ownership interest of participants
  • Generate monthly rental/obligation calendars
  • Process delay rentals
  • Bill land participants
  • Generate lease data sheets
  • Setup and maintain appropriate division of interest ("DOI") changes applicable to revenue and joint interest billing ("JIB")
  • Provide first purchaser transaction recording, processing and reporting

Reserve Engineering & Geoscience

Ralph E. Davis Associates LLC (RED) is an industry-leading petroleum engineering and geosciences firm committed to satisfying the individual needs of clients. Upstream oil and gas exploration and production companies, private equity firms, financial institutions and law firms around the world trust in RED’s diverse services and unrivaled upstream oil and gas expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that help clients make informed decisions. We add value to every engagement by employing a team approach, leveraging Opportune LLP’s experienced bench of experts in transactional due diligence, tax advisory, investment banking, restructuring and valuation. We apply a robust set of technical capabilities to assist our clients. Our capabilities include:

  • Reservoir engineering and geosciences
  • Economic forecasting and reporting
  • Data analytics and geospatial analysis

Complex Financial Reporting

Our Complex Financial Reporting professionals employ an engagement team approach combining extensive Big 4 and industry experience to research and document solutions to complex reporting and tax issues. We are poised to be advocates for our clients in drafting and presenting positions to internal management, external auditors, the SEC and the IRS. Below are just a few of the solutions we offer clients:

  • Derivatives and hedging activities
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Entity valuations and profit unit waterfalls
  • Equity method, consolidated & non-controlling investments
  • Structured contracts and transactions
  • Share-based compensation
  • Exploration and production activities
  • Asset retirement obligations
  • Regulated operations


Our Valuation team can assist management with both pre-acquisition and post-acquisition valuation analyses from reparation of preliminary purchase price allocations to final allocations for both financial reporting and tax, as well as incentive compensation granted to management. Each valuation is tailored to meet our client’s specific needs, and the results are provided timely to meet agreed upon deadlines. We provide management with a comprehensive valuation report, including a narrative description of the methodologies used, as well as exhibits containing calculations that support our valuation conclusions. The following a few of the solutions we offer:

  • Share-based compensation awards
  • Warrants and convertible securities
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Goodwill and impairment testing
  • Stand-alone and embedded derivatives
  • Impairment calculations
  • Lattice models and Monte Carlo simulations

Tax Advisory

Opportune's Tax Advisory team provides comprehensive energy tax solutions for businesses in changing markets and structures. Our seasoned professionals combine sound, innovative and adaptable ideas with pragmatism that comes from having been on both sides of the desk, both in corporate and consulting roles. Opportune’s Tax Advisory team works seamlessly with all of our practice areas to accomplish our mission of adding value to clients. Additionally, we perform internal management functions and work in concert with existing accounting and law firms to reach desired transaction results. Here are a few of our our Tax Advisory solutions:

  • Business income tax planning
  • Tax compliance and reporting
  • Capital markets and transaction support
  • Bridge and restructuring tax management

Financial Planning & Analysis

Our transaction advisory professionals work with your M&A team to develop customized procedures to fit the unique circumstances of each deal.

  • Cash flow reviews and projections
  • Business process improvement
  • Interim management
  • Business plan development
  • Asset rationalization
  • Cash flow management (capital budget, hedging, covenant compliance, etc).

Business Process & Technology

Having held senior executive positions within energy companies and technology firms serving the energy industry, Opportune' Business Process & Technology consultants understand the challenges and opportunities of creating and sustaining a business plan. Our commercial business acumen and deep understanding of operations, technology and risk-management matters help us create effective, value-driven strategies.

Opportune offers responsible recommendations that consider what is at stake and who is affected by strategic decisions within each unique business setting. With pragmatism and confidence, we advise companies on how to sustain and grow market value with minimal risk.