Operations & Logistics

Innovate with a partner who understands the importance of connecting networks and enabling digital strategies through improved supply chains. We focus on fit for purpose solutions that drive value to the supply chain.

Distribution & Logistics

At Opportune we understand that Distribution and Logistics is the heart and soul of a business. Therefore, we specialize in the implementation and integration of multi-modal distribution and logistical systems with ETRM.

We collaborate with clients to deliver:

  • Proven experience implementing and integrating:

  • Integration insight through data hub with real-time connections

  • Simplified user interaction through customized UI to minimize user touches

  • Analytical insight into fleet and inventory management

  • Insightful management dashboards

Operations & Logistics

Inventory Management

Inventory Management goes beyond the basics of tracking volume. It is central to creating insight into the complex supply chain network.

Opportune has proven experience:

  • Providing right-sized practical solutions
  • Integrating disparate data sources to manage working capital
  • Managing detailed nuances of mass balance
  • Delivering inventory management integrated with Supply Chain Optimization and Forecasting
  • Develop management level dashboards for C-Suite executives
Operations & Logistics

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

Our work extends to the complex knitting together of individual data streams to drive powerful algorithms and organizational strategy needed to support the business.

Opportune provides clients with:

  • Analysis to track and measure operational risks
  • Process assessment for to-be supply chain strategy and optimization
  • Implementation of ION's WAM Demand Planning and Enterprise Planning modules
  • Interface design and development to enable automatic order creation from ION's WAM product
  • Integration logistical systems to feed S&OP tools
  • Creation of C-Suite management reports
Operations & Logistics

Asset Management

Operators must reinvent their traditional operating models based on stresses affecting their companies, focusing on cost pressures and the need for improved performance.

Opportune can assist companies by offering:

  • Comprehensive analysis to ensure that the proper operational risks are known, tracked, and measured effectively
  • Integrations with measurement systems to feed management dashboards
  • Deep knowledge around Field Service and ticketing systems to harvest insight into predictive maintenance
  • Assessment of processes to fit a business strategy focused on these comprehensive set of pressures
Operations & Logistics

Field Service

Field service personnel spend many wasted hours capturing and transposing data between systems for orders, maintenance, and overall service requests.

Opportune leverages SalesForce as a platform to enable:

  • Creation of efficient paperless processes
  • Transparency of tickets from creation through to closure
  • Tracking and measuring of SLA to improve the service levels involved with maintenance requests
  • Insight into predictive maintenance based on the analysis of tickets
Operations & Logistics

M&A Planning & Execution

Opportune has a proven track record of leading many recent midstream and downstream acquisition integrations. Opportune is the rare firm that can provide the broad range of M&A services including Operations, Financial Reporting, Tax, IT, HR, and Legal functions.

  • Day 1 and post-Day 1 integration project plan development and execution
  • Communication plan development
  • Systems, processes, and people rationalization
  • Organization and change management design and roll-out
  • Business process design
  • Data conversion
  • IT strategy and cutover execution
  • Long-term process and technology integration
Operations & Logistics