Business Income Tax Planning

Comprehensive tax planning that combines entity-level objectives with operational strategy is critical to the success of any enterprise and its stakeholders. Whether a company is contemplating a domestic or international acquisition, divestiture, merger or restructuring, preparing to commence operations in a new jurisdiction or concerned about preparing for an uncertain future, Opportune can help.

Our planning capabilities include:

  • Tax-efficient international and domestic entity structuring, including public offerings, SPAC transactions, acquisitions, spin-offs, carve outs, ventures and post-bankruptcy operations
  • Mergers and acquisitions tax advisory, due diligence, decision and transaction execution support, and post-transaction integration
  • Global expansion advisory for organizations considering operations in new jurisdictions
  • Economic substance analyses, analyzing and documenting the non-tax business purpose behind transactions
  • Entity rationalization planning
  • Tax shield optimization
  • Analysis of pending/newly enacted legislation

Opportune LLP is not a CPA firm.