Restructuring & Transition Tax Management

Both start up and distressed entities are in crossroads environments, demanding significant executive time and finance resources to address critical events on a daily basis. The income tax consequences to many of these choices may be notable, but non-intuitive. While outside legal counsel provides reliable guidance in negotiation and documentation, Opportune’s tax professionals step in to bridge the effects of these strategic events to day-to-day operations. This is especially true when entities in these critical times often lack skilled, dedicated in-house tax resources, and are relying on busy accounting personnel.

Our bridge and restructuring tax management series include:

  • Acting as the company’s internal tax function during times of uncertainty, such as pre-IPO closing, SPAC operation prior to the closing of the Definitive Agreement, or pending restructuring when in-house tax resources may not be present or qualified
  • Develop and manage tax compliance process, including tax (due date) calendar and request estimated payment filings for both U.S. and foreign entities within the structure
  • Maintain needed communication with company financial reporting and outside advisors to assure that all tax consequences of transactions are considered
  • Coordinate information gathering and analysis with prior or existing advisors to determine the best and most efficient approach to post-bankruptcy emergence filings

Opportune LLP is not a CPA firm.