Financial Due Diligence

Opportune’s transaction advisory professionals are experts in mergers and acquisitions. structured finance, complex debt and equity infusions of capital, and joint ventures. 

Our approach is collaborative and flexible. We work with your M&A team to develop customized procedures to fit the unique circumstances of each deal. We communicate results and refine our procedures based on preliminary findings and additional information obtained throughout the due diligence process. We work with a sense of urgency and focused discipline to ensure transactions are closed within mandated time frames.

We are highly qualified to deliver the following services:

  • Quality of earnings assessments
  • Analysis of working capital composition, trends, and benchmarks
  • Analysis of concentrations in customers and markets
  • Proof of cash
  • Assessment of financial reporting, controls, and systems
  • Financial reporting considerations of structuring alternatives
  • Cash flow and acquisition budget analysis
  • Material contract review
  • Review of commitments and contingencies
  • Settlement statement preparation and review